Mikrotron EoSens Fiber Series

Especially developed for the monitoring of fastest motion processes and easy integration.


The Mikrotron EoSens Fiber Series cameras bring an incredible combination of speed, resolution and responsiveness. Another benefit of the cameras are their ultra-slim design. The size was reduced to 80 x 80 x 53 mm, allowing them to integrate easily into existing production lines, machinery or moving equipment.

The EoSens® 3FIBER operates at 566 frames per second at 1,696 x 1,710 pixel resolution and takes advantage of the integrated fiber interface.

The EoSens® 4FIBER operates at 563 frames per second at 2,336 x 1,728 pixel resolution.

The combination of an interface protocol and a flexible, proven, high-speed fiber interface in a small high-speed camera offers many advantages for the user:

Key Features:

  • Up to 225,000 fps at reduced resolution
  • 25 GBit/s data transfer rate for real time streaming
  • High-performance fiber interface
  • 80 x 80 x 53 mm small
  • Shock and vibration proof
  • Fanless design for vibration-free operation
  • EMVA1288 standardized reporting

Models Available in EoSens Fiber Series:

ModelInterfaceResolutionFrame Rate (8 bit)Pixel SizeDynamic RangeSensorOptical FormatDatasheet
EoSens 3FiberMTP Fiber Interface1,696 px x 1,710 px566 fps 8 μm x 8 μm80 dBLUPA3000
EoSens 4FiberMTP Fiber Interface2,336 px x 1,728 px563 fps 7 μm x 7 μm60 dBAM414/3"Datasheet

Each model comes in colour and monochrome versions.


  • PCB inspection
  • Ball grid inspection
  • LCD panel inspection
  • Wafer inspection


  • Ballistics
  • Explosives
  • Rocket testing
  • Aerial surveillance

Science and Research

  • PIV measurements
  • Material testing
  • Trajectory reconstruction
  • Motion analysis

Industrial Automation

  • Laser cutting quality
  • Robot control
  • Laser triangulation
  • Material sorting

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