LPa X/Z-Stages, 45/90 µm, fast

LPa  are linear stages directly driven by piezo-stack actuators.

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LPa X/Y linear stages are directly driven by piezo-stack actuators, with 45 and 90 micron displacements for 0 to 150 input voltages. Direct drives are used to keep the first resonances enormously high, making them perfect for dynamic applications. These dynamic actuators should be employed in line with their loads, in order to avoid torque and possible tilt-oscillation. LPa can be used two different orientations, as standard X or Z piston stages.

  • Ranges 45/90 µm
  • Fast
  • 2 Platforms

Product CodeLPa-b00045LPa-b00090Unit
Displacement (0... 150 V)4590µm
Displacement (-45... 180 V)72143µm
Resolution, open loop0.10.2nm
Resolution, closed loop12nm
Linearity, closed loop0.10.2%
Repeatability. closed loop56nm
Push/Pull, maximum200/25200/25N
Resonance, unloaded3,0002,000Hz
EL. Capacitance @ 1V eff, 1kHz3.36.6µF
Body materialStainless steelStainless steel
Operating temperature-20...+80-20...+80°C


  • Vacuum Compatibility
  • Suitable driver, open loop, EBO-050100
  • Suitable controller, closed loop, EBD-060100

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