LOTTE-i 2k2k plus

A new 18bit, UHV compatible in-vacuum CCD camera, optimised for lowest outgassing and deepest cooling. LOTTE can be submerged, operated and positioned freely inside a vacuum chamber.


LOTTE-i 2k2k plus

This series of highly sensitive, cooled in-vacuum cameras is equipped with ultra-low noise 18-bit readout electronics. It is perfectly suited for spectroscopy and imaging applications in the VUV, EUV and X-ray range up to 20 keV. The CCD detectors deliver spectra and images with outstanding dynamic range. To find the best solution for your application, greateyes offers different sensors with quantum efficiencies up to 98%.

LOTTE-i 2k2k plus BI
Image area30.7 mm × 30.7 mm
Pixel format2048 × 2064 pixels
Pixel size15 µm × 15 µm
CCD sensor coolingMin. -80°C to 20°C, liquid cooling
Gain0.6 (standard mode) / 0.2 (high capacity mode) counts/e-
Data linkGigabit Ethernet
Distance flange - focal plane5 mm
Dimensionsrc version: 98 mm × 90 mm × 235 mm
sc version: 90 mm × 127 mm × 189 mm
Weight4.4/4.6 kg
CCD sensor typeBack-illuminated
Sensor coating-
Full well capacity150,000 e-
Common Specification LOTTE In-Vacuum Cameras
Pixel readout frequency50 kHz, 250 kHz, 1 MHz, 3 MHz (5 MHz for visualization mode; up to 20 MHz with multi-port readout)

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Quantum efficiency curves

QE of the LOTTE-i series

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