Pigtailed Fibre AO Pulse Pickers

Extracting pulses…

AA offers a selection of pigtailed fibre pulse pickers for 1030-1080nm, 1300-1600nm and 1900-2100nm with compact or VSF packages.

Other models for different wavelengths, type of fibre and connectors are available on request.


Photon Lines supplies pigtailed fibre acousto-optic pulse pickers manufactured by AA Opto-Electronic. A pulse picker is an electrically controlled optical switch used to extract single pulses from a fast pulse train. Short and ultrashort pulses are in most cases generated by a mode-locked laser in the form of a pulse train with a pulse repetition rate of the order of 10 MHz – few GHz. For various reasons, it is often necessary to pick certain pulses from such a pulse train, i.e., to transmit only certain pulses and block all the others. This can be done with a pulse picker, which is essentially an electrically controlled optical gate.

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Fibre Pigtailed AO Pulse Pickers

Fibre Pulse PickersWavelength (nm) Fibre type ConfigurationFrequency Shift (MHz)Rise time (ns)Max Laser Power (W)Insertion Losses (nom dB)
MT200-IR10-Fio-10PLM-J1-A-ic21030-1064PLMA102 ports2001012.5
MT200-IR10-Fio-PM-J1-A-ic21030-1064PM2 ports2001012.5
MT250-IR6-Fio-PM0,5-J1-A-ic1030-1064PM2 ports25060.53.5
MT160-IIR10-Fio-xx1250-1650SM, PM2 ports160100.5 or 15
MT80-FIR40-Fio-xx1850-2100SM, PM2 ports80<400.5 or 54

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RF Drivers for Free Space AO Pulse Pickers

Click here for a copy of the associated RF Driver MODAxx data sheet.

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Pulse Picker Applications

  • To obtain high pulse energies in ultrashort pulses, it is frequently necessary to reduce the pulse repetition rate. This can be achieved by placing a pulse picker between the seed laser and the amplifier. The amplifier will then act only on the wanted pulses. The blocked pulses do not necessarily constitute a strong energy loss since the average power of the seed laser may be small compared with the average output power of the amplifier, and the remaining average power can
    be sufficient for saturating the amplifier.
  • In a cavity-dumped laser, a pulse picker (often called cavity dumper) extracts the circulating pulse from the cavity in only every Nth round trip. During all the other round trips, the pulse experiences low optical losses and can be amplified to a high energy.
  • A pulse picker can be used for injection and extraction of pulses in a regenerative amplifier

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