1550 nm Tunable VCSEL in TO Package with TEC

Lasers based on the innovative High Contrast Grating (HCG) single mode 1550 nm VCSEL.



Bandwidth10’s BW10-1550-T-TO is part of a family of lasers based on the innovative High Contrast Grating (HCG) single mode 1550 nm VCSEL.

Using the HCG as a tunable mirror leads to a wafer-scale, low cost fabrication process with simple voltage-controlled wavelength tuning for various applications.

The HCG VCSEL is co-packaged with a thermo electric cooler for wavelength stabilization in a 7 pin TO56 package. It offers modulation speeds up to 10 Gbps and a typical tuning range of 10 nm. The TO is available for several bands through the C- and L- band.

Absolute Maximum Ratings
Parameter Symbol Ratings Unit
Storage Temperature Tstg -20 to +85 °C
Operating Case Temperature Tc -5 to +70 °C
Forward Current of VCSEL ILD25 mA
Reverse Voltage of VCSEL VLD3V
Soldering Temperature Tsld 350 (10 sec.) °C
General Specification and Operating Table
Parameter Symbol
Min Typical Max Unit
Optical Output Peak Power @25º C P 1.0 1.6mW
Operating Bias Current Iop 018 25 mA
Operating TEC Temperature rangeTop 52535°C
Threshold CurrentIth 812mA
Slope Efficiency (CW, Tc=25°C) SE 0.140.18mW/mA
Laser Drive Voltage Vcc01.52.5V
Resistance Rs 50Ω
Center Wavelength
Please specify desired center wavelength in
the purchase order
Guaranteed Tuning Range
Applying a positive voltage will decrease
peak wavelength.
Δλ 810nm
Max. Mechanical Tuning Response fmax 100200kHz
Side-mode suppression ratio SMSR3040dB
Linewidth (-3 dB FWHM), CW
Ibias=Iop, 25°C TEC temperature
σ 200MHz
Relative Intensity Noise RIN -128 dB/Hz
Tuning Voltage Vtune 0Test
Tuning Current Itune 0100μA
TEC Voltage VTEC 0.35 1.5V
TEC CurrentITEC 0.050.6A

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