NanoFAKTUR 250µm C1a X-Stages

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NanoFAKTUR 250µm C1a X-Stages 250µm C1a X-Stages are available as a open-loop only model (C1O-L00250 ), and an open or closed-loop model (C1S-D00250). The C1O-L00250 and C1S-D00250 are compact piezoelectric X-stages with greater the 300 micron travel when used in the open-loop mode.

Product CodeC1O-L00250C1S-D00250Unit
Position sensor-SGS
Range (-45..180V)330330µm
Range (closed loop)-250nm
Resolution, open loop 11nm
Resolution, closed loop-3nm
Linearity, closed loop-0.2%
Repeatability, closed loop-25nm
Lowest Resonance, unloaded210210Hz
Lowest Resonance, w/ load 30g190190Hz
EL. Capacitance2.2/ axis2.2/ axisµF
Body materialAluminium, stainless steelAluminium, stainless steel
Wire length1.51.5m
Operating temperature-20...+80-20...+80°C

NanoFAKTUR 250µm C1a X-Stages Options:

  • Vacuum Compatibility
  • Non-Magnetic Versions
  • Suitable driver, open loop, EBO-050100
  • Suitable controller, closed loop, EBD-060100

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