NanoFAKTUR 100/250µm C3a Cube XYZ Stages

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NanoFAKTUR 100/250µm C3a Cube XYZ Stages are compact piezoelectric nanopositioning slides with small dimensions (40 x 40 x 44.6 mm^3). Both versions, the 100µm and the 250 µm, are available with or without sensors. The sensors are strain-sensors, which grant high repeatability and linearity. The 100 µm version of piezoelectric nanopositioning slides are built to be stiff, so that dynamic operation and quite heavy loads are possible. The 250 µm version offers unique long displacements at that small size. Vacuum and non-magnetic versions are available.

C3a 100 and 250 are only 40 x 40x 44 mm^3

Product CodeC3O-L00100 C3S-D00100C3O-L00250 C3S-D00250Unit
Position sensorsStrain gauge (SGS) Strain gauge (SGS)
Range, open loop (-45...180V)130130330330µm
Range, closed loop100250µm
Resolution, open loop0.
Resolution, closed loop12.5nm
Linearity, closed loop0.20.2%
Repeatability, closed loop1025nm
Load, max500500150150g
Lowest resonance, unloaded370370210210Hz
Lowest resonance, with 30 g load310310190190Hz
EL. Capacitance @ 1V eff, 1kHz2.2/axis2.2/axis2.2/axis2.2/axisµF
Body materialAluminium, Stainless steelAluminium, Stainless steelAluminium, Stainless steelAluminium, Stainless steel
Operating temperature-20...+80-20...+80-20...+80-20...+80°C

NanoFAKTUR 100/250µm C3a Cube XYZ Stage Options:

  • Vacuum Compatibility and/or Non-Magnetic
  • Suitable driver, open loop, EBO-050100
  • Suitable controller, closed loop, EBD-060100

Download or view 100 micron data sheet

Download or view 250 micron data sheet

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