Acousto-Optic Tunable Filters (AOTF)

An AOTF is a solid-state, electronically tunable bandpass filter, which uses the acousto-optic interaction inside an anisotropic medium.


Acousto-Optic Tunable Filters (AOTF) are solid-state, electronically tunable bandpass filters, which use the acousto-optic interaction inside an anisotropic medium. Use these filters with multi-lines sources (mixed gas lasers, Laser diodes…) or with broadband light sources (Xenon, Halogen lamps…). They allow the selection and transmission of a single wavelength from the incoming light. The main advantage of this technique is the total absence of any moving parts, resulting in a reliable, stable and fast technique for wavelength tuning. The RF frequency applied to the AOTF transducer controls the transmitted (filtered in 1st order) wavelength. A complete spectrum analysis can be done by varying the frequency corresponding to the wavelength range. Additionally, the RF amplitude level applied to the transducer allows the user to adjust the transmitted (filtered) light intensity level. This is a unique feature of the AOTF. It is fast (a few µs), accurate and has a high extinction ratio.

Acousto-Optic Tunable Filters (AOTF) Models:

ModelSourceWavelength (nm)Aperture (mm X mm)Field of View (degrees)Tuning Time (µs)Polarisation Resolution nm -3dBEfficiency (%)
AOTFnC-UV Laser350-4302 x 21<2 Linear 1-285
AOTFnC-400.650Laser400-6503 x 31<4Linear 1-485
AOTFnC-VISLaser450-7003 x 31<4Linear 1-285
AOTF3-LRLaser/Lamp400-7006 x 64<9Linear/Random5-2585
AOTF3-MRLamp400-7004 x 44<6 Linear/Random3.5-1785
AOTF3-HRLamp400-7003.5 x 3.53<5Linear/Random2.5-1285
AOTF-A2-500.850Laser/Lamp500-8503 x 34<4Linear 5-1585
AOTFnC-IRLaser/Lamp700-1100 2.5 x 2.54<3Linear 3-985
AOTF10Lamp1250-25003 x 320<4.5Linear/Random2-1070-30

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