Free Space AO Modulators and Fixed Frequency Shifters

AA’s AO Modulators and RF Drivers are the devices of choice for most of the UK and Ireland’s leading Physical Sciences centres of academic research and learning . Their role in the exciting field of Quantum Optics is only the latest in a long series of success stories for AA Optoelectronic, and Photon Lines have been working with them since the early days. Our long experience in the field allows us to advise you in choosing the best solutions to fit your application



An acousto-optic modulator’s purpose is to vary the intensity of the incoming laser beam (Amplitude Modulation, AM). The modulation can be digital (ON/OFF) or analog (sine, square, linear, random…).

The key parameter of a modulator is its rise/fall time, which defines the achievable “speed” of the modulation, or amplitude modulation bandwidth. The rise/fall time is proportional to the beam diameter inside the modulator. As a consequence, the laser beam must be focused inside the modulator to reach a fast rise time.

Fixed Frequency Shifters:

An acousto-optic frequency shifter uses the frequency shift of the laser beam inherent to the acousto-optic interaction. The laser wavelength is frequency shifted by the amount of the carrier RF frequency. The frequency shift can be positive or negative, depending on the angular sketch configuration. Modulators are used as fixed frequency shifters.

Additional information:

ModelMaterialWavelength (nm) Aperture (mmxmm)Frequency (Shift)
PolarisationRise time (ns)Modulation Bandwidth (MHz) (AM)Diffraction Efficiency (%)Associated RF drivers
MQ200-A1,5-244.266.BRFused silica244-2661.5 x 2200Linear60885MODAxx
MQ200-A1,5-266.300Fused silica266-3001.5 x 2200Linear60885MODAxx
MQ180-A0,2-266.300Fused silica266-3000.2 x 1180Linear104885MODAxx
MQ180-A0,2-UVFused silica325-4250.2 x 1180Linear104880MODAxx
MQ180-A3-UVFused silica325-4253 x 3180Linear501090MODAxx
MQ240-A0,2-UVFused silica325-4250.2 x 1 240Linear68070MODAxx
MQ180-A0,25-VISFused silica440-6500.25 x 1180Linear104870MODAxx
MCQ110-A2-VISQuartz488 - 6332 x 2110Linear50885MODAxx
MT350-A0.12-VISTeO2450 - 7000,12 x 1350Linear59680MODAxx
MT250-A0.5-VISTeO2450 - 7000.5 x 2250Linear68085MODAxx
MT200-A0.5-VISTeO2450 - 7000.5 x 2200Linear86085MODAxx
MT110-A1-VISTeO2450 - 7001 x 2110Linear153285MODAxx
MT110-A1.5-VISTeO2450 - 7001.5 x 2110Linear50985MODAxx
MT80-A1-VISTeO2450 - 7001 x 280Linear232185MODAxx
MT80-A1.5-VISTeO2450 - 7001.5 x 280Linear50985MODAxx
MTS110-A3-VISTeO2458 - 6333 x 3110Linear10000.485MODAxx
MTS40-A2-532.700-M002TeO2532 - 7002 x 240Linear10000.485MODAxx
MTS40-A3-750.850TeO2750 - 8503 x 340Linear10000..485MODAxx
MT110-B50A1.5-IR-HkTeO2690 - 10641.5 x 2110 +/- 25Linear50980MPDSnC-xx
MT110-B69A1.5-680.1300-Lfv-HkTeO2680 - 13001.5 x 2110 +/- 34.5Linear50980MPDSnC-xx
MT350-A0.12-800TeO2700 - 950 (1100)0.12 x 1350Linear59680MODAxx
MT200-A0.5-800TeO2700 - 950 (1100)0.5 x 2200Linear86085MODAxx
MT110-A1-IRTeO2700 - 950 (1100)1 x 2110Linear153285MODAxx
MT110-A1.5-IRTeO2700 - 950 (1100)1.5 x 2110Linear50985MODAxx
MT80-A1-IRTeO2700 - 950 (1100)1 x 280Linear232185MODAxx
700 - 950 (1100)1.5 x 280Linear50985MODAxx
MT200-A0.5-1064TeO2980 - 11000.4 x 2200Linear86080MODAxx
MT200-A0.2-1064TeO2980 - 11000.2 x 1200Linear86080MODAxx
MT110-A1-1064TeO2980 - 11001 x 2 110Linear153285MODAxx
MT80-A1-1064TeO2980 - 11001 x 280Linear232185MODAxx
MT80-A1.5-1064TeO2980 - 11001.5 x 280Linear50985MODAxx
MTS80-A3-1064AcTeO21030 - 10803 x 380Linear500185MODAxx
MQ80-A0.7-L1030.1064-Z20SiO21030 - 10800.7 x 180Linear1201485MODAxx
MQ40-A3-L1064-WSiO21030 - 10803 x 340Linear120485MODAxx
MQ40-A1.5-L1064-Z32-CxxxQuartz1030 - 10801.5 x 1.540Linear80685MODAxx
MQ80-A2-L1064-Z32-CxxxQuartz1030 - 10802 x 280Linear80685MODAxx
MGAS40-A1Doped Glass1300 - 16001 x 240Random501085MODAxx
MGAS80-A1Doped Glass1300 - 16001 x 280Random5010 85MODAxx
MGAS110-A1Doped Glass1300 - 16001 x 2110Random252085MODAxx
MT80-A0.7-1300.1600TeO21300 - 16000.7 x 380Linear80665MODAxx
MT80-A0.4-2000TeO21900 - 21000.4 x 180Linear252065MODAxx

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View the RF Drivers for Free Space AO Modulators and Fixed Frequency Shifters below.

Applications (Modulators and fixed frequency shifter)

  • Pulse Picking
  • Laser Drilling / Cutting
  • Laser Doppler Velocimetry
  • Self-heterodyning Linewidth Measurements
  • Laser Printing
  • Quantum Optics

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