Scientific and Industrial Cameras

Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) cameras continue to develop, and our partner PCO has a large family of options, including back illuminated and CameraLink HS (fiber optic high speed interface). We also offer high speed industrial cameras and 3D line scan cameras for online troubleshooting and machine vision. Hyperspectral imaging cameras are finding applications in remote sensing for crop and forestry surveying, and high speed thermal imaging cameras have unique performance for non-routine structural and electric circuit testing.

Our portfolio includes front illuminated and back illuminated sCMOS lasers, high speed CMOS cameras for industrial trouble shooting, and a novel camera for use in Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy. Our partner PCO continues to develop sCMOS cameras and they have a large family of options, including high speed camera link (CL HS) versions for high data transfer of huge image sets. Thermal cameras from Telops are growing in popularity, with their high speed of operation and impressive temporal resolution. They are ideal for analysing dynamic events, and are also extremely sensitive and high in resolution, thus enabling the detection of challenging targets.

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