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AOI Tolerant Dichroic Beamsplitters

A new series of dichroics whose performance is maintained while the angle of incidence changes.

Delta Optical Thin Film has developed a series of angle tolerant dichroics, whose angle dependent movements of the edge and polarisation splitting have been minimised and whose reflection and transmission stay high in the specified wavelength ranges.

Delta Optical Thin Film’s new angle tolerant dichroics are especially suited for applications in LED based, imaging and Point of Care systems. Custom designs are available on request.

  • DCLP [Θ1-Θ2]° — Long Wave Pass Dichroic which performance is maintained between [Θ1-Θ2]°.
  • DCSP [Θ1-Θ2]° — Short Wave Pass Dichroic which performance is maintained between [Θ1-Θ2]°.

These AOI tolerant dichroic beamsplitters feature:

  • Ultra-Hard-Coated filters.
  • Scratch/Dig Optical Surface Specifications 80/50.
  • Standard dimension is a plate 26 mm x 36 mm x 1 mm — other dimensions on request.
  • The wavelength given in the denomination is the wavelength of the edge of the filter.
  • The DCLP data sheets show typical transmission curves for unpolarised light averaged for AOI=[Θ1-Θ2]°.
  • The DCSP data sheets show obtainable transmission curves for s-polarised light for AOI=[Θ1-Θ2]°.

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