Photon 2024: Photon Lines Stand Number 09

A leading conference organised by the Institute of Physics, Photon 2024 is the twelfth conference in a biennial series that started in 2002 covering optics and photonics.

Photon Lines’ products and activities are relevant to every aspect covered by the conference

During the event, participants will have the opportunity to hear from leading experts in the field, attend lectures from leading technology experts, and visit the exhibition profiling the latest in optics and photonics technology. The programme will consist of plenary and invited talks, as well as contributed presentations and posters. There will also be ample opportunity to network and explore collaborations with colleagues.

This multi-disciplinary conference is jointly organised by the Institute of Physics (IOP) special interest groups including Combustion Physics, Environmental Physics, Instrument and Science Technology, Optical, Quantum Electronics and Photonics, Quantum Optics, Quantum Information and Quantum Control and Medical Physics.

Our team includes specialists in scientific cameras, such as the Telops FAST camera series , the fastest infrared cameras on the market. Available from the shortwave to the very long wave infrared bands, these cameras can address a broad range of measurement needs and applications, including combustion physics. Other scientific cameras offered include the Resonon range of hyperspectral imaging solutions, of particular relevance to the field of environmental physics.

Medical Physics is a field in which we participate with products such as those from Advacam. Cancer research, bio-mechanics, and drug testing are just a few examples of X-ray imaging contributing to biology and medicine research. New photon-counting detectors represent a major advancement to these applications compared to previously used methods.

Our partnership with AA Optoelectronic provides our customers with the most advanced acousto optic devices available on the market, including frequency shifters which are used extensively in quantum technology, deflectors as key components in advanced photonics instrumentation and modulators and pulse pickers as vital components in state-of-the-art scientific laser systems.

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