MINFLUX: Imaging Beyond Barriers!

Our partner, Abberior Instruments, offers the first commercially available light microscope with a molecule-size resolution – the MINFLUX (minimal photon flux) microscope.

  • The MINFLUX microscope is the cutting-edge method for localising fluorescent molecules with unprecedented precision.
  • The system is based on a standard microscope stand with an active sub-nm stabilization system.
  • Add traditional modalities! For example, add fluorescent widefield, epi-fluorescence, confocal and even STED imaging capability.
  • Record images across all length scales – from micrometers down to a few nanometers – like never before

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MINFLUX probes the location of emitters with an excitation intensity minimum, and therefore reduces the number of fluorescent photons required for high-precision localization by a factor of up to 20 over previous superresolution techniques

Posted in December 2019.

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