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Spectral Instruments Vision 64

The Vision 64 is a high quantum efficiency cooled sCMOS camera from Spectral Instrument suited to a wide range of uses. This camera has a large format, 8K x 8K sensor and QE >90% at its peak.


This industry-leading large format 8K x 8K high-speed, high quantum efficiency sCMOS sensor offers the highest readout speeds currently attainable and supports true simultaneous HDR and compressive sensing readout modes. The sensor’s low temperature operation reduces dark current and optimizes all sensor features, including the delivery of full sensor data-rate in single frame, burst or continuous stream modes.

Key Features

  • Large Format 8K x 8K sCMOS
  • Highest Frame rate in the Industry
  • Back-Illuminated sCMOS sensor for High QE
  • Cooled to -25°C for low Dark Current
  • Rolling and Global Shutter
  • High Dynamic Range Readout Mode
  • Industry Lead High Performance Data Collection Hardware and Software

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  • Satellite Tracking
  • Near Earth Objects (NEOs) detection, tracking and monitering
  • Electronic Component Inspection
  • Light Sheet Microscopy

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