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Linnowave’s Vaheat – Temperature Control for Super Resolution Microscopy

Just set the temperature and start your measurement. Let Vaheat do the rest.



Temperature control in the field-of-view (FOV) is essential for many applications in high-resolution microscopy. The thermal contact of a microscope objective with a sample via immersion oil often causes strong temperature gradients within the field of view, see images below.

Temperature profile for an air objective with a conventionally heated coverslip without using Vaheat.

Temperature profile for an oil objective with a conventionally heated coverslip without using Vaheat.

Conventional methods trying to solve this issue have severe drawbacks, such as limited maximum temperatures of approx. 40ºC, no fast temperature dynamics and associated long waiting times to achieve thermal equilibrium. Linnowave’s Vaheat system with integrated heating element and a precise temperature sensor overcomes these problems. The Vaheat system consist of a control unit, a substrate holder and smart substrates.

Key Features of Vaheat System:

  • Room temperature up to 100°C (300°C upon request)
  • Heating rates up to 100 K/s.
  • Relative temperature precision of 0.1 K.
  • Fast thermal response allows precise temperature stabilisation even when using perfusion systems
  • Compatible with all conventional microscopes and made for live-cell imaging

The Control Unit

Vaheat controller for precise temperature control of microscope samples


  • Precisely control and measure the temperature in your sample volume
  • Define and start your individual temperature profiles
  • Set active temperature feedback
  • Send heat shocks to your sample
  • Change live the temperature via tuning knob
  • Integrate into your data-acquisition software using API


The Substrate Holder

Sample holder of Vaheat temperature control system

  • Size of substrate holder designed to fit any commercially available microscope
  • Footprint of a standard microscope slide (76mm x 26mm)
  • Instantly fits into user’s microscope
  • Compatible with most common inverted and upright microscope
  • Fast, convenient fitting and replacement of substrates
  • Precise magnetic clamp mechanism


Smart Substrates

Linnowave’s substrates incorporate an integrated and calibrated temperature sensor with microheater. They provide custom sizes and options upon request. The standard version is equipped with a small pan for your sample. The smart substrates allow homogeneous heating in the field of view and provide precise temperature control.

Vaheat disposable smart sample holder


  • 18 mm x 18 mm
  • 170 μm thick – ideally suited for high-resolution microscopy and live-cell imaging
  • Calibrated temperature sensor
  • Integrated microheater
  • Fast thermal response
  • Precise and direct measurement of sample volume temperature
  • Disposable, but may be used a number of times-substrates available in packs of 12


View/download the datasheet here.

Vaheat in Action

Vaheat allows fast, dynamic and homogeneous thermal control even when using oil-immersion objectives.

Vaheat decouples your cover slip thermally from the environment and enables fast temperature dynamics, even against strong temperature gradients.

Thermal control of n-tetracosan crystallization on the microscopic level using Vaheat.

Applications in Life Science:

  • Cell membrane fluidity
  • Heat shock factor research
  • Thermopile bacteria research
  • Diffusion processes

Applications in Material Science:

  • Phase transition analysis
  • Optically assisted calorimetry
  • Chemical decomposition temperature
  • Microscopic phase separation and nucleation

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