Telops FAST series HD & sHD Infrared cameras

High-Definition thermal infrared cameras with up to 3 megapixels


The HD and Super HD Series are high-performance thermal infrared cameras designed to provide unprecedented image quality with crisp imaging of sharp targets while maintaining an excellent thermal sensitivity. They feature Telops’ unique realtime calibration and provide unique capabilities in applications that require large image coverage.

The FAST HD series with 1.3 megapixel image resolution allows the measurement of targets in fine detail, with high thermal sensitivity and using fast frame rates. This series is ideal for most general purpose IR imaging applications, including experimental mechanics and nondestructive testing (NDT).

The FAST sHD Series offers unique 3 megapixel capabilities to meet the requirements of the most challenging measurement scenarios. They will be a tool of choice for a wide variety of applications such as IR signature and ranging.


Detector TypeSpectral RangeSpactial ResolutionFrame RateMaxiumum Frame Rate
FAST M3ShdCooled InSb1.5 μm to 5.4 μm1920 × 1536 pixels90 Hz2 570 Hz @ 64 × 2
FAST M2ShdCooled InSb1.5 μm to 5.4 μm1520 × 1536 pixels50 Hz1 425 Hz @ 64 × 2
FAST M200hdCooled InSb1.5 μm to 5.4 μm (3 to 5 μm optional)1280 × 1024 pixels180 Hz2 180 Hz @ 64 × 4
FAST M100hdCooled InSb1.5 μm to 5.4 μm (3 to 5 μm optional)1280 × 1024 pixels100 Hz1 200 Hz @ 64 × 4


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Examples include:

  • Experimental Mechanics & NDT
  • Fluid Thermodynamics
  • Engine Signature Measurement & Ranging
  • Military Vehicle Signature Measurement


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