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SIRTAKI- Automated combing rig

Bossa Nova Technologies introduces the SIRTAKI for automated combing.



When designing a hair conditioning product or styling device, you need to know how well it is preventing hair breakage from repeated combing or brushing. Or when you formulate any product designed to improve specific aesthetic or mechanical properties (shine, friction, smoothness, frizz, etc.), you want to understand how repeated combing will affect the hair properties.

In any of those cases, an automated hair combing test will be able to help you assess and quantify hair breakage, abrasion or product resilience for your hair care claims.

At BOSSA NOVA Vision, we developed the SIRTAKI – an automated combing rig – to provide hair product manufacturers with a state-of-the art device to simplify the measurement process.

The SIRTAKI combing machine provides an adjustable combing rate – from 1 to 2.3 Hz with a steady, even torque – for up to 6 swatches at a time. It can be left to run for hours on its own without supervision. A back-lit tray under the combing mechanism can be slid open to identify and analyze the collected broken hair fibers.

General Specs
CameraColor Camera 12 bits

Windows 10
Resolution2,464 x 2,056 pixels
Measurement time1 second for a single accumulation
IlluminationPulsed White Led
Focusadjustable up to 3 meters
CalibrationFactory calibrated
Size9" x 8.5" x 8.5 "
(230mm x 220mm x 220mm)
Power110/200 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Download the User Manual here

The SIRTAKI can come with an automated hair fiber counting option – instead of manual – in which case, the detection and counting of broken hair  fibers is done automatically through an imaging system that periodically inspect the trays.

A software developed by BOSSA NOVA Vision will then control the tray system collecting the broken fibers as well as the camera inspecting them. The user has the possibility to decide the frequency at which he wants the trays to be inspected so that a time evolution of the breakage rate of each individual hair swatch can be measured.

automated hair combing software 1
Automated hair combing software 2

Download or view the Application Note – Frizz control and humidity protection assessment.

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