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SHUFFLE (Multi-Instrument Hair Measurement Tool)

Bossa Nova Technologies introduces the SHUFFLE for multiple types of hair measurements.



For some time now, Bossa Nova Vision have been on a mission to create an instrument that can accommodate a wide range of measurement capabilities in a package that is easy to use and easy to stow away; the result is the Shuffle. Crammed with years of optical R&D experience and feedback from cosmetic testers, the Shuffle consists of a collapsible frame that can be fitted with various attachments, allowing the user to measure a wide range of visual parameters using a single system. Laboratories looking to expand their research and testing capabilities without breaking the bank or cluttering their space with bulky equipment now have a solution, a cosmetic Swiss-army knife.

Similar to the Bolero Lite in its design, the instrument base consists of a foldable aluminum frame in which a camera and back-illumination are integrated. Attachments are easily mounted atop the illumination and work with dedicated software. In order to be cost-effective and as easy to use as possible, the integrated camera was carefully selected to work with both current and future attachments. And should you want to perform measurements in a humidity controlled environment, the humidity system composed of a humidity controller and box is designed to accommodate the Shuffle, as shown in the image on the left.


The Shuffle comes standard with the Bolero Trio attachment and software for all existing attachments. Out of the box, the instrument can run simultaneous 2D volume and frizz measurements on up to three tresses, or accommodate an especially wide, frizzy tress. We currently offer two additional attachments, the Hula for hair swatch motion analysis and Bolero 360 for volume evaluation using 3D reconstruction.

BOLERO TRIO Attachment

BOLERO 360 Attachment

HULA 2 Attachment


Additional Attachments – the Hula

Bossa Nova has partnered-up TRI-Princeton to develop the first ever tool for quantifying hair movement, the Hula. The attachment consists of a calibrated motor which swings a tress back and forth in a controlled arc. The software then processes captured images to measure Fly-away/frizz and bulk changes over angular displacement, max displacement over frequency of movement, and damping (or residual movement of the tress after the motor is stopped). Bossa Nova will continue to update the software as this novel form of testing evolves.

Additional Attachments – the Bolero 360

The Bolero 360 measures 3D bulk and fly-away frizz by rotating the tress and reconstructing its shape at every angle. The attachment consists of a software-controlled motor which is synchronized with the camera to capture the entirety of a tress.

With its current attachments the Shuffle can be used to confirm claims regarding volumizing and anti-static properties, fluidity and hold, and the efficacy of a product over time by utilizing the time-lapse capability. But this is just a start; we intend to improve the capabilities of the Shuffle by including some of our existing instruments with Shuffle attachments. These include the Rumba for hair orientation measurements, the Mambo for hair color evaluation and the Tango for hair gloss, chroma and color measurements.

Download or view the Application Note – Frizz control and humidity protection assessment.

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