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Samba Face

SAMBA Face system is a unique tool to analyse the visual appearance of skin. It is now widely used in the cosmetic industry to substantiate claims and evaluate products efficacy such as make-up, skin care products, on every type of skin.



SAMBA Face system is an instrument for measuring in-vivo skin gloss, directly on the model body (face, arm, etc.). Its purpose in the cosmetic industry is to substantiate claims and evaluate products efficacy such as make-up, foundation, skin care products, on every type of skin. The SAMBA Face System includes our SAMBA camera, a polarised LED illumination, a chin-rest  and computer with our own software, allowing the user to acquire the measurement in one click. A complete analysis (numerical data and images) of the visual characteristics (gloss, colour, images, etc.) requires seconds. You can quickly compare and export data and images for reports, presentations or post processing.


SAMBA Face system acquires successively 2 images of parallel and crossed polarisation state. This allows the decomposition of the image seen by a conventional camera into 2 images: Specular and Diffuse.

SAMBA Face polarization for skin gloss schema specular diffuse

The specular image only contains the light reflected by the skin surface. Skin surface texture and defects like wrinkle can be easily observed. The diffuse image only contains the light scattered by the skin sub-surface.

SAMBA Face polarization for skin gloss images

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