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Rumba (Orientation Measurements for Straightness & Alignment Studies)

RUMBA is a unique tool dedicated to the IN-VIVO measurement of the orientation of hair fibers for straightness and alignment studies.



The measurement can be made on hair tresses or directly on a consumer’s head, thanks to an acquisition time of less than 1s. RUMBA works for any type of hair, from straight to curly and black to blond/white. Statistics about the distribution of the hair fiber orientation (mean angle, standard deviation, …) in a Region Of Interest (ROI) is simply done. Thanks to the polarization signature of hair fiber, it is also easy to extract the hair fiber from the background, allowing area and volume calculation.

RUMBA acquires multiple polarization images in less than 1s. After processing, an orientation image where each pixel of the image represents the local angle of the fiber is delivered. The angle information is color coded.

RUMBA delivers both images and numerical data for claim substantiation. Applications include product efficacy assessment of shampoo, conditioner, anti-curl, anti-frizz, relaxer, styling, smoothing and keratin hair treatment, etc.

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