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pco.dimax S

pco.dimax S1 CMOS Camera

Super slow motion with high resolution


This high speed 12 bit CMOS camera system, pco.dimax S1, comprises advanced CMOS and electronics technology. The pco.dimax S series provides super slow motion with high resolutions for a variety of applications. At full resolution the model S1 delivers frame rates up to 4467 fps – combined with high light sensitivity and high dynamic range. The system features also a variety of trigger options to cover all offboard applications that have been required by the automotive industry. The image data can be transferred via GigE, USB 2.0, USB 3.0 or Camera Link. The pco.dimax has a smart battery control, which allows a full operation for 1 h and a data backup for 6 h. The available exposure times range from 1.5 µs to 40 ms. This digital CMOS camera system is perfectly suited for high speed camera applications such as airbag testing, material testing, flow and velocity analysis, quality control and impact studies.

Key Features:

  • 4467 fps @ full resolution 1008 x 1008 pixel
  • excellent image and colour quality
  • 12 bit dynamic range
  • no additional black reference calibration required
  • 36 GB inbuilt image memory
  • exposure time range 1.5 µs – 40 ms
  • multiple trigger options
  • master-slave camera synchronisation (up to 5 cameras)
  • IRIG B timecode function
  • Interfaces: USB 3.0, GigE/USB 2.0, CameraLink

Technical Specifications:

 Unit Setpointpco.dimax s1
Resolution (hor x vert)pixel1008 x 1008
Pixel Size (hor x vert)µm11.0 x 11.0
Peak Quantum Efficiency%@ 600 nm typ.50
Dynamic Range A/Dbit12
Readout Noisee- med23
Frame Ratefpsmono (colour)4467 (4467)
Exposure Time Range1.5 µs - 40 ms
Region of Interest (ROI)steps of48 x 4 pixel (centered)
Optical InputNikkon F-mount
Data InterfaceGigE, USB 2.0,
Camera Link,
USB 3.0

Quantum Efficiency Curve:

Quantum efficiency curve pco.dimax monochrome sensor.

View / Download the datasheet here.

Download the pco high speed product overview

Application Areas:

  • Automobile safety tests
  • High speed particle image velocimetry (PIV)
  • Material testing
  • Tensile testing
  • Airbag inflation
  • Short time physics
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Spray analysis
  • Motion analysis
  • TV / Broadcasting
  • Combustion imaging
  • Fast events in nature
  • High speed inspection
  • Hyper velocity impact studies
  • Fast flow visualization
  • Ballistics
  • Fuel injection
  • Slow motion in sports
  • 3D analysis of fast events
  • Sparks in electronic switches
  • Machine vision
  • Ignition & injection research
  • High speed photogrammetry

Application Examples:

CTS Anti-Terror Crash Tests with pco.dimax cs3/cs4

Crash tests on terror defense by road blocks filmed on the premises of the CTS Crash Test Facility in Münster, Germany during a conference in October 2017. Read more about this here.


Nature Documentation with pco.dimax HD

Blue Paw Artists has been making documentary films for international broadcasters like National Geographic, Discovery and the BBC and domestic clients including ZDF, ARTE, ARD and BR for the last 20 years. Read more about this here.


High-Speed Holographic Microscopy with pco.dimax series

The high-speed impact of a droplet on a bulk fluid at high Weber number is not well understood but is relevant to the production of marine aerosol by raindrop impact on the sea surface. These splashes produce a subsurface cavity and a crown which closes into a bubble canopy, but a floating layer of immiscible oil, such as a crude oil slick, alters the splash dynamics. Read more about this here.


Inventus & AMZ Racing Crash Test with pco.dimax S4 / pco.dimax cs3

Crash test of the nose (crashbox) of a formula student car from AMZ Racing from the ETH in Zürich – one of the most successful teams is this series! Read more about this here.


Fibre Laser Mode Instabilities with pco.dimax series

The temporal behavior of mode instabilities in active large mode area fibers is experimentally investigated in detail. Thus, apart from the onset threshold of mode instabilities, the output beam is characterized using both high-speed camera measurements with 20,000 frames per second and photodiode traces. Read more about this here.


3D Flow Field Measurements with pco.edge 5.5/ pco.dimax series

Large-volume volumetric flow experiments and their results: The first of these, investigating a thermal plume at low velocities (up to 0.35 m/s) demonstrates the abilities and requirements to reach volume sizes up to and probably beyond one cubic meter. Read more about this here.

PCO Camware Tutorial Series:


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