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pco.2000 14 bit Cooled CCD Camera

High resolution camera with internal memory.


The pco.2000 high resolution 14 bit CCD cooled camera comprises advanced CCD and electronics technology. With the approach to integrate the image memory into the camera itself, it enables fast image recording with 160 MB/s. The system features thermoelectric cooling, a high resolution and low noise. It consists of a compact camera with an external intelligent power supply.

The image data is transferred via customer selectable standard data interfaces to your computer. The available exposure times range from 500 ns to 49 days. These features make the pco.2000 camera perfectly suited for low light camera and piv camera applications. Use the pco.2000 CCD camera with the latest software from PCO.

Key Features:

  • resolution (2048 x 2048pixel)
  • cooled 14bit dynamic range
  • image rate of 14.7 fps @ full resolution
  • low noise of 6 e- rms @ 10 MHz
  • thermoelectrical cooling of delta -50°C vs. ambient
  • image memory in camera (camRAM up to 4GB)
  • standard interfaces (USB 3.0, camera link, GigE / USB 2.0)
  • ultra stable offset

Quantum Efficiency Curve:

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Application Areas:

  • laser induced fluorescence
  • high resolution microscopy
  • luminescence mircroscopy
  • electron microscopy
  • fluoerescence spectroscopy (up to NIR)
  • bioluminescence chemoluminescence
  • low light level imaging
  • imaging of bio markers (e.g. green fluorescent protein, GFP)
  • time resolved spectroscopy
  • spray analysis n hydrodynamics n electrophoresis
  • absorption & luminescence spectroscopy
  • imaging of potential sensitive dyes (Neuroscience)
  • security
  • astronomy
  • combustion process analysis
  • gel imaging
  • fuel injection
  • scientific imaging
  • combustion imaging
  • spray imaging
  • PIV imaging

Application Example:

Propeller Induced Properties with pco.edge 5.5/pco.4000

Multiple optical measurement techniques have been applied for the investigation of a propeller-wing wind tunnel model. The (half) wind tunnel model is equipped with a nine bladed propeller and its wing has active Coanda blowing over the whole span of the wing. Read more about this here.

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