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Unispectral’s Monarch Pro

The world’s smallest portable tunable spectral IR camera for agriculture, industrial, scientific, and commercial use, Monarch II opens a wide array of new applications for any industry segment.

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Monarch Pro – Mobile Multi-Spectral Camera

The Monarch Pro allows you to capture in-field/on-site spectral images easily and inexpensively. No need for expensive, bulky and sensitive equipment, that require a trained operator and are blind to scene context. Its affordability and simplicity remove the barrier to wide adoption in many applications and mass-market platforms.

Monarch Pro opens a wide array of new applications for any industry segment.

Main features:

  • High speed lens
  • 60 FpS on monoband mode
  • Windows and Android power and operation interface
  • Hyperspectral filter
  • 680nm-940nm Spectral range
  • Only 60x40x14.5mm, 30gr
Technical specifications
SpecificationTypical value
EFL4.98 mm
Sensor Resolution1280 x 1024
Spectral Bands per Second20 BPS
Preview Mode60 FPS
GainX1 ÷ x10
Exposure Time1 ÷ 500 ms
Wavelength FWHM40nm ± 10
Spectral Response690-935nm
Spectral Band Range705-920nm
Spectral Band Accuracy± 2.5nm
Angular dependency [nm/deg]-1.1nm/deg
Input Voltage5 Vdc
Power Consumption<1.6W
Peak Current0.32 Amp
Working Conditions
Operating Temperature0°-70 °C
Working modesSpectral cube/ single frame
Saved FormatENVI (Raw) & PNG

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Handheld applications

Whether in field, on the road or in lab, Monarch Pro is ready for use in Neptune. All the camera controls, settings and output display are provided. Immediate analysis and decision making is possible through the AI application that provides diagnostics of produce, merchandise, humans, medical processes etc.

Embedded / fixed application

Monarch Pro can be embedded in sorting robotics, machine vision platforms, manufacturing lines, QA systems and biometric authentication terminals. It can also connect to real-time analysis, inspection and control systems through a PC interface. The camera controls, settings and output display are provided through a Windows application. Analysis and decision making can be made immediately, either by the operator or algorithm.


Monarch Pro can be ordered with the “perClass™”* PC analytic application that will allow you to extract just any underlaying information from the images you just took. Whether it is sorting, diagnosing or detecting; your specific professional knowledge and experience is easily integrated and registered into the system algorithm, to highlight through false color display the subtle grayscale reflection differences of hyperspectral images. This feature transforms the Monarch Pro into a powerful, real-time decision-making system.



Analyzed multispectral cube                                                      Spectral differences highlighted in false colors                                                             Analyzed multispectral cube



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