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Imagine Optic MiRAO 52e Deformable Mirror

Compact electromagnetic deformable mirror optimised for closed-loop operation. Enhance the quality of your microscope’s images through wavefront shaping.


Mirao 52e deformable mirror offers exceptionally large stroke and high optical quality combined with low power consumption and USB2 connectivity. This provides advanced capabilities in terms of wavefront correction therefore Mirao 52e is best suited for applications requiring high-quality closed loop correction, such as bio-imaging, ophthalmology, microscopy, beam shaping etc.

In addition to its excellent optical quality, high linearity and lack of hysteresis, Mirao 52e can be used in a wide spectral range and has a high intensity threshold, which also makes this deformable mirror a great candidate for various beam shaping applications.

Mirao’s electronic controller connects to PC via USB port. There is also a trigger output available to facilitate synchronization with other devices via TTL signal. Together with Mirao 52e we offer a free Application Programming Interface (API) which was developed to provide easy access to Mirao’s powerful wavefront correction abilities. In addition to that we developed a complete Software Development Kit (SDK), which includes a time-saving collection of high-level functions so that users can quickly develop their own software. We offer the SDK in C, C++, LabView and Python environments.

For safer operation of the deformable mirror as an option we are also offering dust-proof protective case around the mirror together with an AR coated window in front of the mirror membrane.

Key Features:

  • ±50 µm stroke (tilt p/v)
  • 15mm pupil with 52 actuators
  • exceptional surface quality (<10 nm rms active flat)
  • virtually no hysteresis (<2%)
  • near perfect linearity (>95%)
  • compatible with open-loop control
  • USB2 connectivity


Number of actuators 52
Maximum generated wavefront (PV) ±50 µm
Surface quality (rms active flat)
<10 nm
Integrated tip/tilt correctionYes
Spatial frequency correction Zernike orders Up to 6
Effective diameter15 mm
Actuator input voltage ±1V maximum*
Coating protected silver or gold
Power consumption 50W max
Dimensions / weight64 x 64 x 23 mm^3 / 490g**
Connectivity USB 2.0
Operating SystemWin 7 (x32 / x64), Win 10

*Total sum of applied voltages not to exceed 25V. **Mirror unit only.

View/download the datasheet here.

Deformable Mirror Applications:

  • Laser wavefront correction and control
  • Ultra-high intense lasers
  • Focal spot optimization
  • Focal spot control
  • Microscopy

Deformable Mirror Publications:

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