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Hyper Cam Airborne hyperspectral thermal IR platform

Hyper Cam Airborne hyperspectral thermal IR platform

Airborne Platform.

The Hyper-Cam can be used as an advanced hyperspectral imaging solution for airborne infrared spectroscopy.


A major leap in airborne hyperspectral mapping.

The system enables the production of hyperspectral maps of the ground surveyed from an airplane. The airborne module includes a stabilization platform, a GPS/INS, an image motion compensation mirror, a navigation module as well as all the necessary airborne operation software. The scope of possible applications include:

  • Hyperspectral mapping
  • Surveillance
  • Vegetation characterization
  • Mineral survey
  • Anomaly detection

Many standard choices of spectral bands:

LWIR: 7.7-11.8 µm
LWIR Narrow-Band: 7.7-9.3 µm
Methane (CH4)
MWIR: 3-5 µm
MWIR-E: 1.5-5 µm

Key Benefits:

  • Real-time chemical imaging and simultaneous visible imaging
  • Very high sensitivity enables detection of weak signals
  • Flexible spectral range
  • Dynamic range from ambient to +2,000 Celsius
  • Variable spectral resolution, down to 0.25 cm-1
  • Calibrated data
  • 3 standard field of views
  • Wide field-of-view and high spatial resolution
  • Flexible data products using real-time on-board digital processing
  • Integrated calibration sources ensure accurate radiometric accuracy
  • Easy-to-use Reveal data management suite
  • Compact and portable for field use
  • Weatherproof enclosure
  • Chemical detection and identification software

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