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Single Mode 351nm & 355nm UV Fibre Lasers

ALS-351 series is a range of high power, high brightness fibre lasers. with long coherence length and high polarisation ratio.


Our partner Azur Light Systems can provide custom single mode, single frequency, 351nm & 355nm UV fibre lasers solutions. The output powers are available up to 40 mW in free-space for 351 nm and 50 mW for 355nm. Their ultra-low noise fiber laser technology is particularly interesting for the most demanding applications requiring excellent power, pointing or frequency stability.

General Key Features of UV Fibre Lasers:

  • Ultra-low noise
  • Single Frequency – linewidth is less than 50 kHz typically
  • Excellent Pointing stability
  • Maintenance free – long life
  • Long term power stability
  • Passive laser heads or output fibres with collimated beams are available – the passive heads doesn’t generate heat and doesn’t need any active cooling systems

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