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High Power 532nm Fibre Laser & Amplifier

The high power 532nm single mode fibre laser is low-noise, single frequency, continuous wave, visible laser built with a MOPA architecture.


The high power 532nm single mode fibre laser from our partner Azur Light Systems has output powers up to 10 W. It is a continuous wave, single frequency, low-noise, industrial-grade laser with excellent stability and uses Yb3+ fibre based laser technology. It’s smart design using Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) architecture gives the freedom for us to tailor the product to your application.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-low noise: Intensity noise < 0.05% RMS
  • Single Frequency: Linewidth is less than 50 kHz with option to reduce down to 3 kHz and tunable linewidth option available
  • Single Mode – diffraction limited M² < 1.1, circularity > 95%, strictly single mode fiber
  • Best-in-class Pointing stability – less than ± 0.5 µrad/°C
  • Maintenance free – long life
  • Long term power stability with centre wavelength drift – less than ± 0.5% over 8 hours
  • Internal seeder, external seeder and stand-alone amplifier options available
  • Passive laser heads or output fibres with collimated beams are available – the passive heads doesn’t generate heat and doesn’t need any active cooling systems

Technical Specifications:

 1, 2 W 5, 10 W
Wavelength 532 nm532 nm
Single frequency linewidth (1)< 200 kHz< 200 kHz
Spatial mode TEM 00TEM 00
Beam quality
M² < 1.1M² < 1.1
Beam diameter "free space"1.0 ± 0.2 mm1.0 ± 0.2 mm
Long term power stability (8 hours)≤ ± 0.5%≤ ± 0.5%
Pointing stability < ± 0.5 μrad/°C< ± 0.5 μrad/°C
Output polarisation Vertically polarized > 300:1Vertically polarized > 300:1
Output power tunability 1 to 100% (10 to 100% recommended)1 to 100% (10 to 100% recommended)
Laser controlMulti-turn potentiometer, Touch screen, Analog voltageMulti-turn potentiometer, Touch screen, Analog voltage
Noise RMS [100 Hz - 10 MHz] ≤ 0.05%≤ 0.05%
Interface Analogue (local/remote)Analogue (local/remote)
Power Supply requirements 90-240 V / 50-60 Hz90-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Power consumption200 W to 300 W200 W to 300 W
Cooling (rack) Integrated air-cooled systemIntegrated air-cooled system
Cooling (head) Coolerless laser head. No heat sink or active cooling required Coolerless laser head. No heat sink or active cooling required
Size (L*W*D) – main unit (2)Rack 19"3U - 460x440x130 mm Rack 19"3U - 460x440x130 mm
Size (L*W*D) – laser (2)265x133x47 mm325x120x47 mm

(1): Typical Linewidth < 100 kHz

(2): Standard dimensions. Other dimensions available for OEM

Architecture Options:

Internal Seeder

Seeder and amplifier chain in a standard 3U 19” rack. Choice of Constant Current or Constant Power mode.

External Seeder

Azurlight seeder is housed in an external rack. Allows future upgrades such as adding power splitters to drive multiple amplifiers in parallel or upgrade or change of seed laser.

Stand-Alone Amplifier

Amplifier/SHG for use with a client seed source. Input FC/APC. Automatic detection on amplifier input which validates adequate power and polarisation of seeder.

Application Areas:

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