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CV VIS NIR Bandpass Filter HSI



Exponentially Variable VIS NIR Bandpass Filter for HSI
Center wavelength range from 450 nm − 950 nm
Bandwidth approximately 2% of centre wavelength
Transmission 20% (blue end) to 90% (red end)
Blocking range 200 nm to 1200 nm
Blocking level OD4 (200 nm to 950 nm), gradually changing to OD1 at 1200 nm

CVVISNIRBP36 2G, for 35 mm x 30 mm (maximum) imaging sensors
Physical size is 45.7 mm x 32.5 mm, add 2x Dicing when you need the filter diced
Filter thickness is 1 mm

The filter has a chamfer or marking that needs to point towards the sensor for optimal performance.

Why an exponential dispersion function?

The exponential dispersion function (right image) compensates for the increase in bandwidth with increasing center wavelength. A linear dispersion function leads to an uneven spectral sampling (left image).

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