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BOLERO (Hair Volume and Frizz Measurement)

Bossa Nova Technologies introduces BOLERO for hair volume measurement and fly-away-frizz analysis.



BOLERO is an imaging system dedicated to hair swatch 3D volume reconstruction and fly-away/frizz analysis. It is used in the cosmetic industry to substantiate claims and evaluate product efficacy in conditioners, volumising shampoo, shine sprays, etc.

BOLERO is a turn-key system including hardware and computer with dedicated software. Based on the acquisition of a sequence of contour images of a swatch, BOLERO delivers a 3D model of the hair swatch. The system also simultaneously provides volume measurements as part of the 3D model, including frizz and fly-away analysis.

A user-friendly software allows the user to acquire the measurement in one click. It takes less than 2 minutes to deliver a complete analysis of the hair swatch (volume, bulk, fly-away etc.). Numerical data (fly-away distribution, bulk distribution, profiles, etc.), 3D point clouds and images can be quickly compared and exported for reports, presentations or post processing.


Hair swatch is not easy to analyse because it is composed of a multitude of individual fibers, and its boundaries are not well defined. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to use a commercial 3D scanner to reconstruct the 3D shape of the hair swatch.

Uniform back-light illumination is used to measure the transmission of the light through the hair swatch. Standard black and white image of the sample is generated in this process. For each pixel of the image, we measure the light transmitted.

If the transmission :

  • is inferior to a defined threshold, this is a high-density area; we can define the pixel as part of the bulk
  • is higher than the defined threshold, this is a low-density area; we can define the pixel as part of the fly-away / frizz

In BOLERO, we use a threshold of 50%.

Bolero Volume frizz hair care claims bulk fly-away full rotation transmission

Due to the irregularity of the hair swatch shape, measuring volume with only one image will necessary induce many errors. The BOLERO uses a rotatory platform so that 36 images – 1 every 10 degrees – of a sample are taken. A reconstruction technique is then performed, and uses the sequence of contours – or silhouettes – acquired by the BOLERO to reconstruct the 3D shape of both the bulk and the frizz volume.

Hair Care Product Evaluation – view a report here.

View/download the user guide.

View/download a presentation on the Bolero from Bossa Nova Vision.

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