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BOLERO Lite (Hair Volume and Frizz Measurement)

Bossa Nova Technologies introduces BOLERO Lite for hair volume measurement and fly-away-frizz analysis.



Hair swatches analysis is not easy. The multitude of individual fibers have ill-defined boundaries. A solution to analyse hair swatches geometry is the BOLERO Lite. Use the BOLERO Lite imaging system to quickly and easily discrimate fly-away/frizz frizz fibers from the bulk of hair swatches on a 2D image using light transmission variations to evaluate hair density. Its design ensure efficiency and precision in the measurements for an optimal user experience. In addition, the BOLERO Lite can be folded up and is especially easy to transport.


The transmission of light through the hair swatch is measured using uniform back-light illumination. This process generates standard black and white image of the sample. For each pixel of the image, we measure the light transmitted.

If the transmission :

  • is inferior to a defined threshold, this is a high-density area; we can define the pixel as part of the bulk
  • is higher than the defined threshold, this is a low-density area; we can define the pixel as part of the fly-away / frizz

In BOLERO, we use a threshold of 50%.

Bolero Volume frizz hair care claims bulk fly-away full rotation transmission

We can compute the ratio between the bulk and fly-away components to determine the increase or decrease in frizz. We can also use the system to assess the efficiency of volumizing products by looking at the volume taken by the bulk and/or frizz fibers exclusively.

Download or view the Application Note – Frizz control and humidity protection assessment.

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