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Argo-Check Homogeneity

Argo-Check Homogeneity

Check the homogeneity of your imaging systems with Argo-Check Homogeneity. Argo-Check Homogeneity is ideal for fluorescence microscopy quality control.


Argolight slides are designed to routinely check the stability of the characteristics of your systems.

Argo-Check Homogeneity is a re-usable stable fluorescence slide for assessing and monitoring fluorescence-based imaging systems. This slide is specifically designed for confocal and widefield microscopes.

The Argo-Check Homogeneity slide contains mainly four fluorescent microscopic patterns designed to measure the homogeneity/shading, the distortion, the chromatic shift of your image.

All Argolight slides come with DAYBOOK 3 software. It will help you to standardize the analysis of your images and compare your results with your colleagues or between systems.

Fluorescence properties

The intensity and spectrum are stable for over 3 years.  The analysis of pattern images can be simplified using Argolight software solutions. The slides are compatible with excitation from 350 nm to 650 nm (Fluorescence excitation over 550 nm requires sensitive sensors). Find out more about slides stability here.


Key Features:

  • Ensure reliability and stability of an imaging system – obtain coherent measurements comparable over several years (including fluorescence quantities).
  • Set-up and maintain quality management at a low cost for fluorescence measurements.
  • Easy to use thanks to the software
  • Easy to store (room temperature, 5 to 10 years lifetime)
  • Compatible with any lens
  • Simplicity: No need for refrigerated storage, no consumable to add.
  • Ruggedness: Withstands fall from 2m height thanks to its metallic enclosure.
  • Compatibility: Works with oil immersion, dry objectives and water immersion objectives.
  • Cost: Replaces consumable tools and increases monitoring frequency.


Slide Contents:

The Argo-Check Homogeneity contains:

Pattern A – Target. This pattern consists in concentric circles with increasing radii from 25 μm to 300 μm with a step of 25 μm, plus an extra circle with a radius of 12.5 μm, featuring a target.

Pattern B – Field of rings. This pattern consists in a matrix of 39× 39 rings, separated by 15 μm, on a total field of 600 × 600 μm². The field of rings is surrounded by eight landmarks, and exhibits a 7.5 μm long cross in its center.

Pattern H – Repositioning crosses. The repositioning crosses are 20 μm long and are positioned 500 μm from one to another in the X direction, the Y direction, or both.

Pattern J – Logo. This pattern consists in letters forming the company name “Argolight”, and surrounded by a 220 μm × 50 μm frame.


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