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1550 nm 10G SFP+ Tunable Single Mode Optical Transceiver

The BW10 transceivers are enhanced SFP transceivers with small form factors designed for use in multi-rate links up to 5 km.



Bandwidth10’s 1550 nm  SFP+ tunable transceiver is an advantageous solution for various tunable dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) applications. The transceiver can be used in several environments as for example fiber based optical access, mobile front- and backhaul as well as in data center and metropolitan fiber optic applications.

The Bandwidth10 transceiver offer a wide tuning range and are available in different temperature grades. (the mentioned temperature ranges are indeed two, C-Temp and I-Temp). The commercial version supports a temperature range from 0-70°C while the industrial version covers a temperature range from -40°C up to +85°C. The transceivers are available for different frequency bands and data rates up to 10 Gbps.

Absolute Maximum Ratings
Storage Temperature TS-4085°C
Maximum Supply Voltage VCC04V
Relative Humidity RH595%
Receiver Operating Damage Threshold RXDamage-7dBm
Case Operation Temperature: C-tempTCASE,C-878°C
I -tempTCASE,E-4085°C
Electrical Characteristics (Over Temperature, Voltage and Wavelength Range)
Supply VoltageVcc3.143.46V
Supply CurrentIcc300450mA
Module total power dissipation P1.5W
Input differential impedanceRin 80100120Ω
Differential data input swingVin,pp200700mV
Transmit Disable VoltageVD2.0VCC+0.3V
Transmit Enable VoltageVENVeeVee+0.8V
Output differential impedanceRout80100120Ω
Differential data output swingVout,pp200800mV
LOS asserted VLOS_A2.0VCC+0.3 V
LOS de-asserted VLOS_DVeeVee+0.8V
Optical Characteristics (Over Temperature, Voltage and Wavelength Range)     
Optical Wavelengthλc
As per ITU-T 694.1,
100GHz spacing
As per ITU-T 694.1,
100GHz spacing
As per ITU-T 694.1,
100GHz spacing
Average Launch Power (AMCC ON) PAVE-4+3dBm
Average Launch Power (AMCC ON) - 85°C PAVE_85 -4.5dBm
Side-Mode Suppression RatioSMSR30 dB
Optical Extinction RatioER3.5dB
Average Launch power when TX is OFFPOFF-30dBm
Relative Intensity NoiseRIN-140-128dB/Hz
Eye Mask Compliant with IEEE802.3aeCompliant with IEEE802.3aeCompliant with IEEE802.3aeCompliant with IEEE802.3aeCompliant with IEEE802.3ae
Spectral width, at -20dB, 0.03 nm RBW0.22nm
Receiver Sensitivity (APD) | < 1E-12 RSENS-18dBm
Optical Input Power (APD)PSAT,IN -25-7dBm
Link Budget C-temp version (informative)14dB
Optical Center Wavelengthλc15311561nm
LOS – AssertedLOSA-35dBm
LOS – De-Asserted LOSD-20dBm
LOS – HysteresisLOSH1dB
AMCC dynamic range-30-7dB

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• Ethernet IEEE 802.3ae
• Fiber Channel


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