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Thin Film Coatings and Filters

Building on six decades of pushing the limits of technology Delta Optical Thin Films (DOTF) design and manufacture high-performance optical filter solutions, helping their OEM customers develop instruments with unique benefits and enable new applications for their users.

Delta Optical Thin Films manufacture homogeneous and continuously variable filters from UVA, through VIS and into NIR. Their business is focused on producing high-performance optical filters for discerning OEM customers. Customised OEM filters from Delta Optical Thin Film are designed and manufactured to adhere to any customer requirement or specification for use in the customer’s particular application. This has become increasingly important as the market for advanced imaging or diagnostic technologies incorporating optical filters has grown.

When designing the customised OEM filter, optical parameters such as the angle of incidence, full cone angle and polarisation state are taken into account for a specific filter. Once these parameters are known, mechanical aspects such as width, height and thickness are then specified, including the substrate material, surface quality and clear aperture.

Delta Optical Thin Film manufacture unique customised OEM filters. Highly efficient manufacturing processes and rapid turnaround ensures that customer service is of a high standard, with excellent OEM and technical support assisting the smooth running of the whole process.

Delta Optical Thin Film continuously variable filters have been used in hyperspectral imaging, fluorescence microscopy and point of care instruments.

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