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Cosmetics Testing

Claim Substantiation and Testing: Cosmetics

Bossa Nova Vision’s line of cosmetic testing systems is dedicated to claims substantiation for marketing/advertising and product efficacy evaluation for R&D. The scientific analysis of the performance of a cosmetic product is at the core of their technology.

Used by the major cosmetic companies, BNV’s turn-key systems allow the easy measurement of various visual appearance parameters – gloss, alignment, volume, frizz, colour, movement – for hair and skin care.

Ready for your lab, BNV’s vision-based systems deliver representative data and images, for a clear understanding and analysis of product performance.

Founded in 2018 by experts in optics and non-destructive testing, Bossa Nova Vision specialises in the development of innovative polarisation imaging system and cosmetic testing turn-key instruments. Working closely with industry bodies such as TRI, BNV continue to develop novel and innovative solutions for a widening range of hair and face parameters which are important for the development of optimised beauty products. Strong expertise in polarisation imaging and image processing have led Bossa Nova Vision to develop sensors for various applications and technologies, not only for cosmetic testing, but for “hard” industrial applications such as the detection of magnetic signature on computer hard disk drives. BNV continually explore the application of innovative technologies through government or private R&D contract to enhance the performances of their instruments and develop new inspection techniques.

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