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Fluorescence Microscopy

Photon Lines Limited offers a range of complementary products for the advanced light microscopy field, including fluorescence microscopes and components for testing and maintaining the quality of fluorescence microscopes to ensure they are operating at their optimum performance. There is a range of fully supported microscopes and microscope attachments, including Abberior Instruments’ STEDYCON, developed and manufactured by the original inventors of the STED technique, for which they received the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. STEDYCON in available in the UK and Ireland long term, for demonstrations and loans to qualifying institutions. Factory visits to one of Abberior Instruments’ facilities, to see their Expert and Facility Line, and the new, revolutionary MINFLUX system can be arranged. The MINFLUX system is the first and only nanoscope in the world that offers molecule size resolution, with the ability to image 2 nm localisations and molecular movement with up to 10 kHz, that is one data point every 100 µs.

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