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Life Science and Microscopy Products

A range of complementary life sciences and light microscopy equipment including STED microscopes and microscope attachments from Nobel prize winners Abberior Instruments, laser free confocal microscope attachment and self contained bench top confocal from Oxford University spin-out Aurox, Omicron’s state-of-the-art Laser Diode based lasers and Light Engines, PCO scientific cameras including a wide range of sCMOS models, and the unique pco.flim camera for frequency domain Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging.

Photon Lines’ range of light microscopy equipment includes super resolution microscopes from Abberior Instruments. There is a competitively priced add-on called STEDYCON, a leading edge STED system called the Infinity Line, and a system which has been developed specifically for the Light Microscopy facility, called the Facility Line. Our cost effective solution for high speed confocal microscopy, the Aurox ClarityHS is the next generation in laser free confocal instruments using their patented structured illumination spinning disc design. Structured illumination achieves significantly greater light through the spinning disc compared with a Nipkov pinhole design. As a result, structured illumination affords higher resolution, higher quality confocal images.

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