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PCO launch new products at Vision Show, Stuttgart

Scientific camera manufacturer PCO, recently acquired by Excelitas Technologies, launched two new products at the Vision Show in Stuttgart recently

The new pco.edge 10 bi CLHS has the following, impressive key specs:

  • back illuminated with high MTF
  • high resolution: 4432 x 2368 pixel
  • low readout noise: 0.8 e-
  • 25,000:1 dynamic range
  • temperature-stabilised image sensor
  • fibre optic data interface

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New pco.edge bi CLHS…available early 2022

pco.edge 26 CLHS

Another new product which was introduced allows to stream high resolution images with up to 150 frames per second. The sensor is well known, the GMAX0505 sensor, but now PCO have combined it with Camera Link HS interface to use the full sensor speed.

  • high resolution: 5120 x 5120 pixel
  • high speed: 150 fps
  • parasitic light sensitivity: 1/10,000
  • temperature-stabilised image sensor
  • fibre optic data interface

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Both cameras are targeted for full production release in February 2022

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