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Imagine Optic increase the fluorescence signal

Given its low phototoxicity, Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy (SPIM) or light sheet microscopy is currently the fastest imaging technique suitable for live imaging of voluminous biological samples. The samples and capillary, typically used as a sample holder, induce aberrations that limit the optical quality of the imaging system. Adaptive Optics has proven to be very effective at correcting this sort of aberration. It drastically improves the resolution and contrast of the image and allows reaching deeper layers of the biological sample. Read on here…

Adaptive Optics boost Lattice Light Sheet Microscope

A flavor of the now trending light sheet microscopy, the Lattice Light Sheet Microscopy (LLSM) developed by Eric Betzig at Janelia Research Campus, recently revolutionized the field of in vivo microscopy. Despite the superb imaging performance provided by LLSM, this method is prone to aberrations deeper inside the sample, which deteriorate the image quality. To compensate for this limitation, implementations of adaptive optics (AO) for LLSM have been proposed, but are so far quite complex and/or expensive. Read on here…

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