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Experimental Mechanics (EMex23), 31 Aug, 2023

The Exhibition of Experimental Mechanics is the premier UK event for manufacturers and suppliers of strain measurement and stress analysis equipment. The meeting will take place on 31 August 2023 as part of the 17th International Conference on advances in Experimental Mechanics.

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Photon Lines will be joined by our partner Telops, manufacturer of high speed, high dynamic range thermal imaging systems, essential tools in a number of areas of relevance to this meeting, including characterization of mechanical properties such as Young’s modulus, shear strain, viscosity and fracture toughness.

Researchers typically carry out many different measurements like tensile displacement tests, compression tests and fatigue tests using extensometer and split-Hopkinson bars setups (see above image, achieved using Telops M2K Thermal Camera). Infrared imaging allows to characterize the energy released by the investigated material as it undergoes elastic and plastic deformation up to the fracture point.

The Telops FAST camera series feature the fastest infrared cameras on the market. Available from the shortwave to the very long wave infrared bands, these cameras can address a broad range of measurement needs and applications.

With their high sensitivity, their impressive temporal resolution and their proprietary automated exposure control (AEC), the FAST cameras are perfect for analyzing dynamic events, as in ballistics, combustion or experimental mechanics experiments.

We look forward to meeting you at EMex23!

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