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Aurox conference on Microscopy 18-19 May 2021

Aurox will be hosting an online conference on Microscopy on the 18th & 19th May 2021. Each day is comprised of 4 sessions with guest speakers including our Life Sciences Sales Manager, Ruedi Bader. Ruedi will be speaking about recent developments in Super-Resolution Microscopy in the 2nd session on day 2.

The full schedule for the conference is as follows:

Day 1

Session 1- Correlative AFM and laser free confocal/Brillouin Imaging

Session 2- Correlative Cryo-Light and Electron Microscopy

Session 3- Company Presentations and Aurox Clarity Demo

Session 4- Live Cell Imaging, Stem Cells and Organoids

Day 2

Session 1- Image analysis, resolution and microscope characterisation

Session 2- Super Resolution (Including Ruedi’s talk)

Session 3- Aurox Unity Demo

Session 4- Development Biology, Neuroscience, Electrophysiology and Calcium Imaging

For more information or to register for the online conference click here

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