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Argo-SIM Fluorescence Quality Standard

Fluorescent Quality Assessment slide for structured illumination systems

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Bossa Nova for hair volume measurement and fly-away-frizz
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Bossa Nova Technologies introduces BOLERO for hair volume measurement and fly-away-frizz analysis. 

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CCD cameras for X-ray, visible, NIR imaging

greateyes GmbH offer a range of CCD cameras for imaging and spectroscopy applications covering most wavelengths.

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Chromatic Confocal Point Sensor

Point sensors measure the altitude (Z coordinates) of the point located on the target optical axis. They also measure the thickness of transparent samples. They include a controller, an optical pen and an optical fiber.

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Confocal Raman microspectrometer

FinderVista Raman microspectrometer

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Argolight Daybook Software
Image Analysis Software
for fluorescence imaging systems
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Dicam Pro Intensified CCD
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High resolution MCP image intensifier and CCD 1280x1024 pixels

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Femoto Easy Fast Frog

The Femto Easy Fast Frog product line provides reliable and compact single shot FROGs based on second harmonic generation.

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Fibre Pigtailed AO Modulators, Frequency Shifters and Q-switches

These fiber pigtailed devices can be used, depending on the model, as modulators, fixed frequency shifters or Q-switches.

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Filter wheel

SD Filter wheel

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FitPIX Kit

The system consists of FitPIX interface with speed of up to 100 frames per second (for single Medipix/Timepix detector layer), motherboard for imaging detector placement and single detachable Timepix radiation imaging detector with sensor according to customer preference (standard is 300 µm thick silicon).

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Fixed and Variable - Frequency Shifters

A frequency shifter uses the shift inherent in the acousto-optic interaction to up- or down-shift a laser’s frequency.

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OmniFluo Fluorescence spectrometer

Fluorescence spectrometer - OmniFluo

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greateyes CCD cameras

greateyes offers a series of cooled Full Frame CCD-Cameras for imaging and spectroscopy in the range from X-Ray to near infrared (NIR).

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A wide range of cameras - speed, size, cost - fully integrated to provide sophisticated and comprehensive automotive test solutions

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HNU1024 EMCCD Camera
Nüvü Camēras offers the highest standard
of EMCCD technology in a compact
thermoelectrically cooled camera. 
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HNU128 EMCCD Camera
Nüvü Camēras offers the highest standard
of EMCCD technology in a compact
thermoelectrically cooled camera.
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HNU512 EMCCD Camera
Nüvü Camēras offers the highest standard
of EMCCD technology in a compact
thermoelectrically cooled camera.
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HSFC Pro Ultra high speed camera
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For the capture of ultra fast phenomenon

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HSV Link Box

HSV Linkbox to connect and control multiple cameras

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