Photon Lines Ltd offers a complete range of cameras from low light level to high resolution, from high speed to streak cameras, offering CCD and CMOS (including sCMOS) for a wide variety of applications in life sciences, military, semiconductor, R&D and machine vision.

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Spectral Instruments 850 series cooled CCD camera

Sisters to the 800 models. They are designed to give cryo-cooled performance with thermo electric cooling in a sealed head package.

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Spectral Instruments 900 Series Cooled CCD Camera

Low temperature, multi-CCD mosaic cameras designed for applications requiring very large imaging areas at very high resolution such as x-ray crystallography.

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Spectal Instruments 1600 series CMOS Scientific Camera Platform
Spectral Instruments, the industry leader in CCD scientific cameras, expands their offering to include a revolutionary new cooled CMOS scientific camera platform.
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Specialist Tripods from Manfrotto

Specialist tripods

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VUV EUV X-Ray 4kx4k Camera

The VUV EUV X-Ray 4kx4k Camera has a resolution of 4096 x 4112 pixels

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VUV EUV X-Ray Camera

The VUV EUV X-Ray Camera comes in 3 different resolutions: 1056 x 1027 pixels, 1024 x 256 pixels and 2048 x 515 pixels


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VUV EUV X-Ray In-Vacuum Camera

VUV EUV X-Ray In-Vacuum Camera comes in 3 different resolutions: 1056 x 1027 pixels, 1024 x 256 pixels and 2048 x 515 pixels

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VUV EUV X-Ray In-Vacuum Large Format Camera

The VUV EUV X-Ray In-Vacuum Large Format Camera has a resolution of 2048 x 2048 pixels

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VUV EUV X-Ray Large Format Camera

The VUV EUV X-Ray large format camera has a resolution of 2048 x 2048 pixels.

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The ADVAPIX TPX modules were designed with special emphasis on performance and versatility, which is often required in scientific experimental work....
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C-RED-2 High Speed InGaAs SWIR Camera
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C-RED 2 is an InGaAs SWIR camera for scientific imaging.
Very high speed, low noise, this new camera is dedicated to low light applications in Astronomy, Biological Imaging and Industry.
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FAST-IR Thermal Scientific IR Camera

The FAST-IR infrared camera series is the fastest Thermal IR analysis camera on the market with 2000 fps at 312x254 and up to 90,000 fps at 64x4.  This camera is ideal for rapid frame rate solutions for the infrared imaging expert.

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Mikrotron CoaXPress® camera
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The EoSens® 4CXP high-speed camera was especially developed for the monitoring of the fastest motion processes. It captures up to 563 frames per second, with its 4 megapixels resolution.

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ModuPix Tracker
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ModuPIX Tracker was designed specifically for particle tracking, which is often required in the nuclear and related industries. Two fast versatile ModuPIX modules are assembled...
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MotionBLITZ® LTR1 Long Time Recording System

The MotionBLITZ LTR1® portable high speed video recorder allows you to analyse fast moving processes.

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pco.1600 High Resolution Camera
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14 bit dynamic range high resolution camera

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SC-10 Streak Camera 2ps temporal resolution
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Excellent 2ps temporal resolution Optoscope streak camera

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WidePIX 5x5 Curved
WidePIX 5X5 Curved is a large area imaging camera with a curved continuously sensitive surface. The curvature of the camera of 15 cm has been optimised for the small animal imaging application. 
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Mikrotron High resolution Eosens 3CL camera

The EoSens® 3CL meets the requirements for most varied applications, because resolution and speed are variably adjustable.

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Mikrotron MotionBlitz LTR2 Portable

The MotionBLITZ® LTR2 system with compression mode (Quad Mode) offers permanent recording with 1280 x 1024 at 868 fps up to 1 hour 5 minutes or with 640 x480 at 250 fps up to 16 hours.

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