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Insight 3D

The InSight system from Phase View adds light field imaging capabilities to your microscope providing single shot / real time 3D microscopy

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pco.panda sCMOS Camera
Despite small size of roughly 65 x 65 x 65 mm³, the pco.panda camera system provides high quantum efficiency with low readout noise, making it suitable for countless applications.
The USB 3.1 interface has inherent advantages as it enables a new generation of cameras with ultra-speed data transfer and direct power via the USB cable, making external power supplies redundant.
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pco.panda bi sCMOS Camera

pco.panda bi is a new, extremely compact sCMOS camera with a backside illuminated sensor.  With a 95 % near perfect quantum efficiency and designed with the recent advances in sCMOS sensor technology, the pco.panda 4.2 bi camera allows the user to see and measure objects which would have been invisible using previously available sensors.

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QuixX® Picosecond-pulsed Diode Lasers

Universal diode lasers offer picosecond pulsed operation as well as continuous wave operation with modulation capability.

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Turn your microscope into a powerful 3D scanner without moving the objective or specimen

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Omicron LED OEM Modules
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The Omicron LED OEM modules provide TEC-cooled High Power LED modules from 255 nm to 950 nm with optional fibre-coupling

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Abberior Instruments STEDYCON
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STEDYCON is a completely new class of nanoscope from STED inventors, Nobel prize winning team, Abberior Instruments....

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Clarity Confocal Add-on
Laser free confocal devices
Aurox now offer the standard Clarity and the high speed, 100 fps, ClarityHS laser free confocal devices.
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Aurox Unity Benchtop all-in-one confocal microscope

Introducing the Aurox unity, the first in a new breed of all-in-one, compact laser-free confocal microscope systems designed for ease of access and ease of use in your laboratory, at your bench.

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Re-scan Confocal Microscopy (RCM) is a new super-resolution technique with improved lateral resolution (170 nm at 488 nm light)

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Tokai Hit Stage Top Incubators
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Tokai Hit from Japan has a long history of manufacturing stage top incubators for live cell imaging.

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Alpha3 Lightsheet microscope

Alpha3 adds light sheet imaging capabilities to any fluorescence microscope.

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Imagine Optic MicAO 3DSR
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MicAO 3DSR is an adaptive optics device specifically designed for single molecule localization microscopy (SMLM) methods

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Argo-LM Fluorescence Quality Standard

Fluorescent Quality Assessment slide for Low Magnification systems

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Argo-HM Fluorescence Quality Standard

Fluorescent Quality Assessment slide for High Magnification systems

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Argo-SIM Fluorescence Quality Standard

Fluorescent Quality Assessment slide for structured illumination systems

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pco.pixelfly.usb low light level CCD camera
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This high performance digital 14bit CCD camera system features the state of the art in CCD and electronics technology.

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Argo-Check Homogeneity

Check specific parameters of your microscope with Argo-Check

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pco.edge CLHS sCMOS camera
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The pco.edge CLHS sCMOS camera offers a large field of view and high resolution, with a ultra-fast Camera Link HS interface without compromising read noise or frame rate.

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pco.ultraviolet CCD camera
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The pco.ultraviolet is a compact camera with high quantum efficiency in the UV

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