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pco.pixelfly.usb low light level CCD camera
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pco.pixelfly.usb low light level CCD camera
  • resolution (hor x ver)  1392 x 1040 pixel
  • pixel size (hor x ver)  6.45 x 6.45µm²
  • quantum efficiency typical > 60 % @ 540 nm
  • dynamic range A/D 14 bit
  • readout noise 6 e- rms @ 12 MH/ 7e-rms @ 25MHz
  • frame rate  @ full frame @ 12 MHz 7.3fps / @25MHz 13.5fps
  • exposure time s 5 µs .. 60 s
  • binning analog 1x1 .. 2x2
  • optical input C-mount, Nikon adapter
  • data interface USB 2.0
  • interframing time µs double shutter mode option

This high performance digital 14bit CCD camera system features the state of the art in CCD and electronics technology. The pco.pixelfly.usb has an extraordinary quantum efficiency with up to 65%. The available exposure times range from 5µs to 60 s. A digital temperature compensation is integrated instead of a space consuming thermo-electrical cooling unit. All camera functions can be remotely accessed and controlled via digital interface. This compact digital CCD camera system is perfectly suited for many scientific and industrial imaging applications, like microscopy, spectroscopy and quality control.

Areas of Application

  • scientific imaging
  • low light level imaging
  • combustion imaging
  • high resolution microscopy
  • machine vision
  • particle image velocimetry (PIV)
  • spectroscopy
  • flow visualization (hydrodynamics)
  • industrial oem applications
  • fuel injection
  • material testing
  • luminescence spectroscopy
  • red and NIR fluorescence applications
  • imaging of bio markers (e.g. GFP)
  • scintillation recording

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