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Thanks to Bossa Nova Technologies innovative approach, it is now possible to measure sub-picometer in-plane and out-of-plane displacement at high frequency (up to 1 GHz) on any surface type without contact. Based on photorefractive two-wave mixing, TEMPO works at optimum performances with multi-speckled beam. TEMPO large aperture (2" ~ 50mm) collects much more optical power on diffusing surfaces than a classical interferometer, which directly translates into higher sensitivity and signal to noise ratio. TEMPO output delivers a time signal directly proportionnal to the surface displacement of the sample.

TEMPO comes with various options adapted to the customer needs and applications.

  • Select the optimal detection bandwidth from 10MHz, up to 1 GHz.
  • Choose the right spot size on the sample for your application, ranging from 10 micron for high precision, to more than 100 micron.
  • Upgrade your measurement to simultaneous in-plane and out-of-plane displacement.
  • Adapt the output laser power to your sample reflectivity, from 150 mW to 500 mW for an internal laser, up to more than 5W for an external laser.
  • Optimize the optical stand-off of the detection, up to 500 mm.

Designed for point and shoot operation, TEMPO is easy to operate (calibrated output, focus controlled by usb connection, internal photodiode for trigger, etc.) and can be coupled to a 2D scanner (X-Y or angular) for full-field analysis.

TEMPO is used in numerous Universities and private R&D laboratories for materials research and wave propagation studies.



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