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ProcImage250 high speed camera
ProcImage250 high speed camera

Smart high speed camera ProcImage250

The ProcImage250 is a very competitively priced smart high speed camera with recording direct to PC via USB2.0.

This camera performs high speed recording, and offers the advantage to feature a very simple use. Indeed, long time recording is available with a standard PC, and no specific acquisition card is needed. Recording of several hours can be performed as long as the computer provides enough memory space.

Besides, the ProcImage250 features smart characteristics. It then offers the possibility of using smart triggers to optimize movie capture and embedded processing, and transfer only the useful data in real time. This camera can also work in an autonomous way (as long as it is powered).

Main features:

  • 252 fps @ 640 x 480 (full resolution)
  • monochrome
  • USB2.0 interface
  • motherboard including a Spartan 3 FPGA
  • fast SRAM
  • real time recording on hard drive (compression without loss)

Operational modes:

Direct recording to PC up to several hours is available in the different following modes.
Standard high speed camera mode
Images are taken in real time and stocked on the PC, without any processing. Recording duration is limited by the hard disc memory.
Smart high speed camera mode:
The ProcImage250 integrates an FPGA and an SRAM allowing embedded image processing that will run in real time between two images, without slowing down the frame rate.

This can be as simple as thresholding, binarization, and Roberts/Sobel filter, or more complex such as profilometry, comparison of frames, compression, etc.

This allows the implementation of smart triggers to take a sequence, and/or the implementation of embedded image processing in order to transmit only useful data in real time.

Standard and smart triggers:

As standard, it is possible to trigger a sequence 5 different ways:    

  • from software;
  • from a TTL signal;
  • from opening or closing manual remote switch;
  • from a data packet sent by the network;
  • from another ProcImage250.

Optional, you can trigger a sequence by three other ways:

  • from a sound taken by the computer's microphone;
  • fromthe crossing of a given gray level by a percentage of pixels in a specific area;
  • from exceeding a variation of the average gray level in a specific area.

Others smart triggers are available on request.

USB interface:

The USB 2.0 interface used for the ProcImage250 provides great flexibility, and gives the following advantages:

  • simplicity: USB is plug'n play
  • portability: the camera is powered by USB so laptop use is possible
  • multiplicity: multiple cameras can be simultaneously connected on a PC, the limit depending on the number of PC's USB host controllers and the amount of data to be transmitted

Hardware Development Kit:
A HDK is available, allowing to implement bespoke image processing (Intellectual Property) as simple as binarization and profilometry, or more complex as centroid, target tracking, compression and object recognition.

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