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Omicron ledHUB light engine
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Omicron ledHUB light engine

Key features of the LedHUB®:

- Modular principle for up to 6 different wavelengths with user-upgradability
- Individual analogue modulation inputs for fast power control of LED wavelengths
- User replaceable excitation filters (bandpass filters) for each LED channel
- Precise intensity control in 0.1% steps (0-100%) by computer control (USB)
- Individual digital modulation inputs for fast full on/off control with <2µs switching time
- Intelligent SYNC in- and outputs for master or slave control of/from external cameras or instruments
- Stable & repeatable – TEC temperature controlled LED chips for reliable and consistent results
- Compatible to 2, 3 and 5mm Liquid Light Guides and SMA or FC/PC connectorized quartz fibres
- Excellent uniformity over field of view – fixed and stable, no alignment necessary
- Long lifetime – expected to exceed 25,000 hours of operating time

Available wavelengths / powers

365nm / 400mW*
385nm / 1000mW*
405nm / 500mW*
455nm / 500mW*
470nm / 400mW*
505nm / 200mW*
505...600nm / 800mW* - wavelength selectable by bandpass filter
625nm / 500mW*
660nm / 500mW*

* The optical output power depends on the used fiber / liquid light guide diameter and installed bandpass filters

Available Fibre coupling types:
2mm Liquid Light Guide
3mm Liquid Light Guide
5mm Liquid Light Guide
SMA-905 connectorised Quartz Fibres
FC/PC connectorised Quartz Fibres
Excitation Bandpass Filters:
6x (1 per wavelength) - easily exchangeable by user
External Modulation: 
6x Analogue modulation input:
  • Frequency:            DC....200kHz
  • Rise-/falltime:        <2 microsecs
  • Extinction ratio:      infinite
  • Input signal type:    0...5V or 0....10V (user configurable)
  • Connector type:      BNC or Sub-D
6x Digital modulation input:
  • Frequency:             DC....200kHz
  • Rise-/falltime:        <2 microsecs
  • Extinction ratio:      infinite
  • Input signal type:    TTL (5V)
  • Connector type:      BNC or Sub-D
Internal Signal generation:
  • 6 Individually programmable PWM frequency generators (1 for each wavelength)
  • Frequency:           up to 200kHz
  • Duty-Cycle:          1...99%

External synchronization:

1x SYNC-Input for synchronisation to external signals

  • Input signal type:   TTL (5V)
  • Connector type:      BNC or Sub-D

1x SYNC-Output for synchronisation of external units

  • Output signal type: TTL (5V)
  • Connector type:      BNC or Sub-D

Control interface:

Type: USB 2.0 and RS-232

Control software:

Omicron Control Center - WindowsTM based laser control software

Supply Voltage: 

100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 250W max.

Mechanical size: 

19 inch rack housing, 2 height units

L x W x H: 383mm x 484mm x 88mm ( without fiber coupler and connectors)

Available options:

LLGA2 - Liquid Light Guide Adapter including 2mm Liquid Light Guide (1.5m)

LLGA3 - Liquid Light Guide Adapter including 3mm Liquid Light Guide (1.5m)

LLGA5 - Liquid Light Guide Adapter including 5mm Liquid Light Guide (1.5m)

LHSMA - Fiber coupling unit for SMA-905 connectorized fibers

LHFCPC - Fiber coupling unit for FC/PC connectorized fibers


LHOLYMP - Olympus microscope adapter for 3mm Liquid Light Guides

LHLEICA - Leica microscope adapter for 3mm Liquid Light Guides

LHZEISS - Zeiss microscope adapter for 3mm Liquid Light Guides

LHNIKON - Nikon microscope adapter for 3mm Liquid Light Guides

The Omicron LedHUB is a high power LED light source for Biotech, industrial and analytical applications. With up to 6 different wavelengths between 365 and 840nm, it can be used in applications like widefield microscopy, optogenetics, chemical analysis, forensics to name but a few. The modular principle of the LedHUB® provides the possibility to start with only one or two wavelengths initially and user-upgrade to further wavelengths at a later stage. The capability of fast switching between the wavelengths and high speed analogue modulation of the intensity is a key feature for demanding applications.

  • Microscopy
  • Optogenetics
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Forensics


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