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High Power Single Mode Frequency 515nm Fiber Laser
High Power Single Mode Frequency 515nm Fiber Laser

Based on patented technology and major advances in fiber and system design, our fully integrated laser platform offers diffraction limited output powers in excess of 10 W.

Our ultra-low noise fiber laser technology is particulary interesting for the most demanding application requiring an excellent stability in terms of power, poiting or frequency.

A full spectral control of the output is possible with linewidths down to less than 100kHz (single longitudinal mode) and a drift of the central wavelength down to less than 0.1pm over several hours.

The passive optical head avoids any heat generation (no fan, no chiller) to offer the best performances and an easy integration.
Power sharing over several output ports (2, 4, 8, 16...) and fiber recoupling are available as options, dramatically reducing the cost for parallel processing applications.

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