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The ADVAPIX TPX3 camera was designed with special emphasis on performance and versatility, which is often required in scientific experimental work. The camera module contains CERN's latest Timepix3 device. This can be used in different configurations such as a stack of several layers, tiled to cover a larger area or a combination of both. Each module contains a single Timepix device with fast parallel readout up to 40 million hits per second, independent of frame occupancy. A separate USB 3.0 communication channel for each device assures fast read-out of the whole modular system. All modules in the system can be operated synchronously or triggered independently. The sensor type (Si or CdTe) and thickness may be specified by the customer. The ADVAPIX can be used in a variety of applications such as fast radiography (X-rays, neutrons, ions), spectroscopic imaging (each pixel records the energy spectrum), particle tracking, time-of-flight imaging, multilayer Compton camera (thin top sensor, thick bottom sensor) to name just a few. The sensors can be adapted for neutron imaging by deposition of converter layers. The spatial resolution in some applications (slow neutrons) can reach units of microns or even sub-micrometric level (ions). 

Sensor Material: Si or CdTe
Sensor Thickness: 100 μm, 300 μm and 500 μm for Si; 1 mm for CdTe
Sensitive Area: 14 mm x 14 mm
Time Resolution: 1.6 ns
Readout Speed: 40 Million hits/s
Number of Pixels 256 x 256
Pixel Pitch: 55 μm
Energy Resolution: 1 keV
Min Detectable Energy: 3 keV for X-rays
Readout Chip: Timepix3
Pixel Mode of Operation: Time-over-Threshold, Time-of -Arrival
Connectivity: USB 3.0 (Super-Speed)
Weight: 503 g
Dimensions: 125 mm x 79 mm x 25.5 mm
Software: Pixet Pro

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